About JJ Transportes Lda – Beira, Mozambique

The J&J Transport yard in Beira, situated near the port of Beira was opened in 2001. Our central location, on site workshop, large diesel storage tanks, and proximity to clearing agents and customers' offices, allows us to react to bookings and requests fast and efficiently.

Our dedicated staff have several years' experience in their respective fields, ensuring that we always deliver the service now synonymous with the J&J name.

Routes we Manage:

JJ Transportes Lda is responsible for the below routes. This includes quotations and tender participation.

  • Mozambique to Eastern Zambia (Chipata, Katete etc.) via Chanida
  • Eastern Zambia (Chipata, Katete etc.) to Mozambique via Chanida
  • Lusaka, Zambia via Chanida Border
  • Mozambique to Malawi via Dedza/Mwansa
  • Malawi to Mozambique via Dedza/Mwansa
  • Zimbabwe to Mozambique via Forbes/Machipanda
  • Mozambique to Zimbabwe via Forbes/Machipanda
  • Long Distance Transport within the Mozambican border

General Manager - Henrique Valle

Henrique joins JJ Transport with 13 years experience in shipping and logistics in 3 continents. With a background in supply chain management, IT and sales Henrique brings a holistic perspective to the J&J Beira team

Assistant Logistics Supervisor - Joppie Tait

Joppie, with experience gained in Africa and Europe in logistics, sales and IT brings a dynamic, energetic approach to the operations team.

Contact Details:

JJ Transportes Lda, Rua De Nhaconjo No 262, Manga, Beira, Mozambique | Tel: (258) 23 302933 / 329574 | Fax: (258) 23 329060 | Email: info@jjmoz.com